Chemistry Coaching Cuttack

Chemistry means what happens, when, why and how. And it is chemical combination of two different atoms chemically react. We at Siksha Samruddhi is a pioneer Chemistry Coaching Institute for IIIT-JEE/ NEET, CSIR NET Chemistry / Chemical Sciences Coaching Located in Cuttack, Odisha. Example: 2H2O+O2 =2H2O+O2 Why Join Chemistry Classes in Siksha Samruddhi Dear students […]

Mathematics Coaching Classes in Cuttack

Mathematics is a game, played according to certain rules. That game is based on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Example: when Tendulkar hit the balls and touches the boundary line it scores four runs, but when it does not touch the boundary line and over to gallery it scores six runs, but it does not […]

Best Coaching for Individual Physics

Physics is derived from the “Greek” word “phewisis” which means nature. Nature is always deadly things. And we have to extract it i.e. treated as physics. Physics means own intellectual capacity. Physics is not a common language. It is a cause and effect because every language has its own grammar but physics has the grammar […]