Siksha Samruddhi institution a premium Science institution with quality education is located strategically amidst rich green environment of LinkRoad, Infront of Sambad Office, Cuttack-12.

By a group of professionals for the advancement Arts, Science, & Commerce courses (+2) provides better standards and conducive atmospheres for the purpose of study to the students of Odisha and other states in the field of Arts, science, & commerce courses (+2).

The values for which “Siksha Samruddhi” stands can be expressed in terms of following phrases.

  • Liberating talent, enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Seeking quality, excellence innovation and creativity.
  • Relevance and pragmatism in its academic offering.

With hope and expectation I fill pleasure in placing this treatise in the hands of my students – readers. Having had a long association with students of various shades I had the occasion to know of what ails them- particularly those striving to learn the subject in preparing for examination of Arts, Science, & Commerce (+2) etc where the lack of guidance of teacher. In shortly, the institutes shall develope extraordinarily quality education for the future.

I am extremely pleased that you are considering becoming a part of this prestigious institute that shall provide a plat form to you a right choice of different education, professional training and best carrier opportunities. The programmes at siksha samruddhi cuttack-12 are wroth the life time achievements. I invite you to explore them.

“Sadhana Marg” is undulating and litered with thorns of human treachery in gratitude, deceit, and cunningness which came our way in plenty and as such the first temptation was to dedicate the work. Defeatist as we are not, spotted a bright streak of light in the vast dark sky, the life of innocent and selfless love – the pure love of a mother which we received in abundance.

Thus how far my efforts have been successful is for my students-the readers – to judge. Even though all efforts have been made to avoid mistakes yet it would be difficult to claim perfection. Suggestions for improvement shall be gratefully acknowledged. Let’s do great things together.

“One Aim, One Business, One Desire”.


  1. To establish facilities education in the areas of Science & Commerce courses (+2)
  2. To conduct multidisciplinary programmes.
  3. To hold information/ knowledge sharing practical’s with academics and practicing professionals and to bring out literature to meet such objectives.


To develop and create a unique and best-class institution in the cusp area of Science, & Commerce Courses (+2). To contribute significantly in teaching and extension work for the focussed application of different education, conducive to the human well being and students welfare.

Yours Faith fully
Siksha Samruddhi