Diploma in Desktop Publishing

Diploma in Desktop Publication (D.D.T.P.)  
Duration : 6 Months       Course Fee : Rs.9550/-

We Offer Everyone Who will benefit

  • Students, House wives
  • Internet content designers
  • Desktop Publishers
  • Professionals
  • Students of Fashion Designer
  • Student of Interior designer
  • Artists

Course Contents :

Computer Fundamentals, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Computer Typing

Pagemaker Contents : INTRODUCTION – Introduction to Desk Top Publishing, CREATING A NEW DOCUMENT – Setting the Margins or Page Size, Change the page Orientation, Setting Page Numbers, Changing the Page Size view, Using Rulers, Adding Guidelines to Master Pages, Formatting Types, Changing Font Families, Changing Font Sizes, Changing Typeface Style, Changing Character Specifications, Changing Type leading, Changing Character Widths, Saving Your Document, Saving a new Document, Saving an existing Document, Saving a Document as another document, Reverting to a Previously Saved Version, Developing Paragraphs, Typing Text, Adding special Characters to Text, Aligning Text, Formatting paragraphs, Changing Indents, Changing the space around Paragraphs, Changing paragraph Alignment, controlling How Paragraphs Break Between Pages and Columns, Adding lines Above or Below Your Paragraphs, INTRODUCTION TO CREATING FRAMES – Converting Other Objects to Frames, Threading and Unthreading Text, Threading additional Text, Threading Text to Different Page, Unthreading Text Blocks, Rethreading Text Blocks, Making Text Blocks Disappear Without Deleting them, Selecting and Dragging Text, Editing Deleting Text, Cut, Copying, Pasting Text, Viewing the Contents of Clipboard, Using Undo and Revert, Inserting and Removing Pages, Inserting and Removing Pages, Adjusting Spacing of Characters, Words, Lines, Adjusting, Spacing and Leading, Setting and changing Tabs, PAGE MAKER – Introduction to Auto Flow, page maker Plug-Ins, Drop Cap, Change Case, Bullets and Numbering, ADDING DESIGN ELEMENTS- INTRODUCTION- Adding Graphics to your Document, Adding Lines, Changing Lines Specifications, Adding Shapes, changing Shape specifications, Changing Line and fill, Specifications together (Fill and Stroke), Changing Round Corners, Creating Drop-Shadow, Boxes, Text wrap, Changing page maker Options, Adjusting Margins, Setting and Adjusting Columns, Setting Unequal Width Columns, Creating headers and Footers, Creating Graphics in page maker, Rotating Text, Skewing and Mirroring objects with Control Palette, Importing Graphics into page maker, Placing, Sizing, aligning Graphics, Cropping Graphics. Introduction to Using layers, Moving and creating objects, Introduction to Printing- Selecting a Printer, Printing your Document, Printing Document Dialog Box Options, DEVELOPING LONG DOCUMENTS – Introduction to Story Editor, SPELLINGS

Photoshop Contents : The Welcome Screen, Mixing & Manipulating of colours at a click of a button, Blend to Images, create Patterns & Artistic Designs, manipulate your Design images with Special Effects, Import and Export your Images, Retouch, Manipulate and Enhance Designs, Image Editing, Resolution, Correction, Saturation, Tool Box, Navigator, Info, Option,Swatches, Brushes, Layers: Adding, Deleting, Merge,Duplicating,Rotate, Filters: Built-in Effects Blur,Twirl, Stain, Emboss, Spotlight, Fire, Embossed…etc. Retouching, Colouring,Creating Backgrouds, Buttons, LIVE PROJECTS: Image Mixing, Re-touching, Layering, Photo- Touch ups, Special Effects.

Coreldraw Contents: Introduction to Coreldraw, Vector Graphics, Property Bar, Welding, Moving Around And Viewing Drawings– Drawing Tools, Modifying Tools,Skewing, Fill Types : Fountain, Pattern, Textures, Mesh, Uniform, Special Effects: Contour, Extrude, Distort, Blend, Shadow, PowerClip, Perspective, Fit to Text, Character Converts, Importing & Exporting Images

Odia Contents: Introduction to Akruti (shree-lipi), Odia Typing